Jazz France

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Since 2010 I have been posting jazz tips on LinkedIn and Twitter. Than the idea came to me to start a blog. I am grateful to some people who encouraged me to really begin the blog. Thus, here and now is the time to gather my jazz tips for you. I hope you, all folks that like jazz, will (re)enjoy it.

Ofcourse my tips are not representative for all styles of jazz. My favourite jazz-style is the so-called: avantgarde-nu-future-modern-creative- jazz.

Looking forward to read your comments!  Enjoy !

Greetz , 

Theo Van Eldik



(1) Eric Truffaz (2) Stephane Kerecki (3) Michel Portal (4) Guillaume de Chassy (5) Yaron Herman (6) Manu Katche (7) Emile Parisien (8) Michel Benita – Ethics (9)


(1) Eric Truffaz

Eric Truffaz (1960) is a French trompet player.

(2) Stephane Kerecki

Stephane Kerecki is a French double bass player.

(3) Michel Portal

Michel Portal (1935) is a French composer, saxophonist and clarinetist.

(4) Guillaume de Chassy

Guillaume de Chassy is a French pianist and composer.

(5) Yaron Herman

Yaron Herman (born in Israel, 1981) is a jazz pianist who lives, from his early 20’s in France.

(6) Manu Katche

Manu Katche (1958) is a French drummer. I was in the audience in Eindhoven.

On this track are playing: Tomasz Stanko, Petter Wettre, Marcin Wasilewski, Slawomir Kurkiewicz.

(7) Emile Parisien

Emile Pariesien (1982) is a French saxophonist.


(8) Michel Benita – Ethics

Double bass player from Algeria, moved to France in the ’80s.

Here a track from his band Ethics (2010) – with Eivind Aarset (guitars), Matthieu Michel (trumpet/flugelhorn), Mieko Miyazaki (koto & vocals), Philippe Garcia (drums).




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