Jazz Germany


Since 2010 I have been posting jazz tips on LinkedIn and Twitter. In 2011 the idea came to me to start a blog. I am grateful to some people who encouraged me to really begin the blog. Thus, here and now is the time to gather my jazz tips for you. I hope you, all folks that like jazz, will (re)enjoy it.

Ofcourse my tips are not representative for all styles of jazz. My favourite jazz-style is the so-called: avantgarde-nu-future-modern-creative- jazz.

Looking forward to read your comments!  Enjoy !

Greetz ,

Theo Van Eldik


Content: (1) Markus Stockhausen (2) Eberhard Weber (3) Passport (4) Florian Weber (5) Cyminology (6) Till Bronner (7) Wolfgang Haffner (8) Sebastian Studnitzky Trio (9) Tingvall Trio (10) Frederik Koster Quartet (11) Gabriel Coburger Quartet (12) Nils Wulker Group


(1) Markus Stockhausen

Stockhausen (1957)  is a German trompeter.

(2) Eberhard Weber

Eberhard Weber (1940) is a German bass player.

(3) Passport

Passport is a German jazz ensemble initiated by Klaus Doldinger (1936).

(4) Florian Weber

Weber (1977) is a German pianist.

(5) Cyminology

An etni-cultural band from Germany, formed by Cymin Samawatie, vocals, Benedikt Jahnel, piano, Ralf Schwarz, bass and Ketan Bhatti, drums. Cymin Samawatie (1976) is born to Iranian parents in Germany.

(6) Till Bronner

Till Bronner (1971) is a German trompet player.

(7) Wolfgang Haffner

Wolfgang Haffer (1965) is a German drummer. He was member of the band Passport.

On this track Sebastian Studnitzky (keyboards, trumpet) is the trompeter.

(8) Sebastian Studnitzky Trio

Sebastian Studnitzky (1972) is a German keyboards and trompet player.

(9) Tingvall Trio

International band with Martin Tingvall, Swedish pianist, Omar Rodriquez Calvo, Cuban contrabass player and Jurgen Spiegel, German drummer. Their home is Germany.

(10) Frederik Koster Quartet

German trumpet player.

(11) Gabriel Coburger Quartet

German saxophonist.


(12) Nils Wulker Group

German trumpeter.





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