I Sculptor

After nearly 25 years working in the field of services to deaf peoples in The Netherlands, from 1981-2006, I switched my career at a certain time. 

In 1998 was my divorce and that was the start of working with my hands. I started to make bronze sculptures, full of hesitation but resolute. A photograph of my very first sculpture was published in my thesis: Mental health of deaf Dutch children aged 4-18, entitled Double Doubt. I doubted about my work as a researcher, about relationships, about life. But more and more sculptures were created, as therapeutic healing, as a hobby and later on as my profession. Galleries in The Netherlands and from abroad showed interest in my sculptures. Finally I quit my job as a researcher into mental health problems in the deaf, in 2006.

The first selection of bronzes I show you are those which represent the period after my divorce 1998-2000: Double Doubt, Broken Man, Untouchable, Weight, Third Attempt, Blindfold Pride, Left Leg, Rianne’s Walk.   



And now a jump to my recent work: Intimate Conversation; Reflections; Team-Spirit; NeWater; One-Horned; Musical Touch.



More to come.


About Theo Van Eldik

| Dutch sculptor | Like to play my trompet (Hub Van Laar) | Love my daugters | Smoke my cigarillos |
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