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Since 2010 I have been posting jazz tips on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Than in 2011 the idea came to me to start a blog. I am grateful to some people who encouraged me to really begin the blog. Thus, here and now is the time to gather my jazz tips for you. I hope you, all folks that like jazz, will (re)enjoy it.

Ofcourse my tips are not representative for all styles of jazz. My favourite jazz-style is the so-called: avantgarde-nu-future-modern-creative- jazz.

Looking forward to read your comments!  Enjoy !

Greetz ,  Theo Van Eldik


(1) Diederik Rijpstra (2) Angelo Verploegen (3) Rob van de Wouw (4) Eric Vloeimans (5) Benjamin Herman (6) Eef van Breen (7) Wolfert Brederode (8) The Ploctones (9) Clemens van der Feen (10) Yuri Honing (11) Sigrun Jording Ensemble (12) State of Monc (13) Felix Schlarmann Group (14) Nanko Huisman (15) Rembrandt Frerichs Trio (16) The Very Next (17) Trio Bert Lochs (18) Caste-Van Damme Quartet (19) Anais Quintet (20) Rik Mol (21) Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble (22) Bart Wirtz Quartet (23) Monsieur Dubois (24) Jasper Somsen Group (25) Tom Beek (26) Charlotte Coppola (27) Ungawa (28) Evita Tjon A Ten (29) Winther-Storm (30) Jan Schröder Quartet (31) Martijn van Iterson (32) Martin Fondse (33) Franz von Chossy Trio (34) Marzio Scholten Group (35) Bram Stadhouders (36) Susanne Alt Quartet (37) The New Earth Group (38) Earswideopen (39) Sesgado


(1) Diederik Rijpstra

Diederik Rijpstra is a Dutch trumpet player. He is playing in two bands namely Quincey and Diederik Rijpstra Quartet. His last album, recorded after his 2 years special trumpet study in The United States, is called Wampum. Diederik Rijpstra was my first trumpet teacher; he helped me producing the very first correct notes (Thanks Diederik!).

Listen to compositions of the album Wampum.

(2) Angelo Verploegen

Angelo Verploegen is a trumpet professor at the Conservatories of Utrecht and Arnhem, in The Netherlands . He is well-known from the band Houdini’s. He has initialized a lot of projects and has contributed to many artists in The Netherlands and abroad. His recent recordings were The Bimhuis – Angelo Verploegen Project and with Soo Cho Trio. Angelo Verploegen was my second trumpet teacher (Thanks Angelo!).

Listen to two tracks: 1st Angelo Verploegen Project; 2nd Soo Cho Trio

(3) Rob van de Wouw

Rob van de Wouw is one of the young promising jazz trumpeters in The Netherlands. At the Conservatory of Rotterdam he was educated by Jarmo Hoogendijk, Benjamin Herman and Eric Vloeimans.  His sound is characterized by a collection of electronic beats, acoustic instruments, eclectic improvisations over electro-funk grooves. His second album Tunnelvision shows “a glimpse of the future in jazz.” A couple of times I visited the gigs of Rob van de Wouw.

Listen to the track Tunnelvision

(4) Eric Vloeimans

Track from the album Fugimundi.

(5) Benjamin Herman

Dutch saxophonist player.

(6) Eef van Breen

Dutch trumpet player and composer.

(7) Wolfert Brederode Quartet

Dutch piano player.

(8) The Ploctones

(9) Clemens van der Feen

Dutch bass player.

(10) Yuri Honing

Dutch saxophonist.

(11) Sigrun Jording Ensemble

(12) State of Monc

(13) Felix Schlarmann Group

(14) Nanko Huisman

(15) Rembrandt Frerichs Trio

(16) The Very Next

(17) Trio Bert Lochs

Dutch trumpet player.

(18) Castel-Van Damme Quartet

(19) Anais Quintet

(20) Rik Mol

Dutch trumpet player.

(21) Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble

Formed by the Dutch Gideon Kiers, beats and Jason Köhnen, double bass/fretless.

(22) Bart Wirtz Quartet

Dutch saxophonist.

(23)  Monsieur Dubois

On this track Bart Wirtz on saxophone and Dirk Beets on trompet.

(24)  Jasper Somsen Group

On this track Bert Lochs on trumpet.

(25) Tom Beek

Dutch saxophonist.

(26) Charlotte Coppola

Charlotte Coppola is a half Italian -half Dutch jazz singer. Her own band is Bushira, and she is member of the Rob Mostert Hammond Group.

On this track Rob van de Wouw is playing the trumpet.

(27) Ungawa

The members of the Dutch band Ungawa: Ruud de Vries (sax), Nick Vos (guitar), Frans Heemskerk (keyboards), Gerold Olieberg (bass), Daniel van Dalen (drums) and Vernon Chatlein (percussions).

(28) Evita Tjon A Ten

Dutch jazz singer with her great band The SIRs: Mikel Foendoe (piano/ producer), Jeroen Griep (piano), Soeshiel Sharma (drums), Randy Winterdal (bass guitar), Ulrich de Jesus (guitar), Anil Sharma (percussion), Fred van Straten (trumpet), Arjan Muusz (saxophone), Martijn Sohier (trombone), and The Jordan River Singers (backing vocals).

(29) Winther-Storm

International band living in The Netherlands: Håkon Storm, gitar; Thomas Winther Andersen, bass; Natalio Sued, saxophone; Mark Coehoorn, drums.

(30) Jan Schröder Quartet

Jan Schröder Quartet is: Jan Schröder, guitars; Bas Kisjes, double bass; Tuur Moens, drums; Paul Maassen, keyboards, piano.

(31) Martijn van Iterson

Dutch jazz guitar player.

Yesterday I saw him performing at Leiden during Leiden Jazz Week, great!

(32) Martin Fondse

Dutch composer and piano player.

On this track Eric Vloeimans is playing trumpet.

(33) Franz von Chossy Trio

Franz von Chossy: piano; Clemens van der Feen : bass; Paul Wiltgen, drums.

Track from the album “Pendulum.”

(34) Marzio Scholten Group

Marzio Scholten: guitar; Yaniv Nachum: tenor sax; Randal Corsen: piano; Stefan Lievestro: double bass; Mark Schilders: drums

(35) Bram Stadhouders

Dutch guitar player.

This track is from the album Bell Time (2010), with Live recordings, with Sidsel Endresen (voice) and Jim Black (drums). 

(36) Susanne Alt Quartet

Dutch saxophone player.

(37) The New Earth Group

Dutch jazz band with Jos Hoevenaars, bass; Jasper Den Dulk, percussion/drums, Fonckeltoff, keyboards, Friso van Wijck, drums; Choca Alcazaba, saxophone; Vincent van Duin, gitar.

(38) Earswideopen

Dutch jazz band with Jurriaan Berger, piano and melodica; Felix Hildenbrand, bass; Achim Heine, percussion.

On this track ft. Anton Goudsmit on gitar. 

(39) Sesgado

Dutch jazz band with Joost Verbraak, trumpet; Sanne Verbogt, bass; and Sander Berkvens, drums.




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