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Content: (1) Toots Thielemans (2) Philipe Catherine Trio (3) Steve Houben (4) Michel Herr Trio (5) David Linx (6) Diederik Wissels (7) Jef Neve Trio (8) Aka Moon (9) Bert Joris (10)


(1) Toots Thielemans

On this track Toots Thielemans (1922) plays on his harmonica with Jaco Pastorius.


(2) Philip Catherine

Philip Catherine (1942) is a guitarist from Belgium.


(3) Steve Houben

Steve Houben is a saxophonist from Belgium.


(4) Michel Herr Trio

Michel Herr (1949) is a Belgian pianist


(5) David Linx

David Lynx (1965) is a Belgian jazz singer and composer.


(6) Diederik Wissels

Diederik Wissels (1960), born in The Netherlands, grow up in Belgium, is a keyboards player/ pianist. He did a lot of recordings with David Linx.

On the first track Dederik Wisels Quartet, and the second track Diederik with David Linx.



(7) Jef Neve Trio

Jef Neve (1977) is a Belgian pianist and composer.


(8) Ake Moon

Aka Moon is formed by the members Fabrizio Cassol, alto saxophone; Michel Hatzigeorgiou, bass; and Stéphane Galland, drums.


(9) Bert Joris

Bert Joris is a Belgium trompet player. His album Magone (2007) is recently followed by the album Only for the honest (2011).

This track is from the album Magone; with Dado Moroni (piano), Philippe Aerts (bass) and Dre Pallemaerts (drums).



2 Responses to Jazz Belgium

  1. Please look at my blog, sometimes I write some articles on jazz musicians. It’s sometimes on the front page but you can always look at the thumbnails “jazz musicians” at the bottom of the first page.

  2. One of them for Belgium is Sal La Rocca, excellent bass player !

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