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About a year now I have been posting jazz tips on LinkedIn and Twitter. Disadvantage of LI/Twitter is that updates disappear, so it is difficult to keep people informed. Than the idea came to me to start a blog. I am grateful to some people who encouraged me to really begin the blog. Thus, here and now is the time to gather my jazz tips for you. I hope you, all folks that like jazz, will (re)enjoy it.

Ofcourse my tips are not representative for all styles of jazz. My favourite jazz-style is the so-called: avantgarde-nu-future-modern-creative- jazz.

Looking forward to read your comments!  Enjoy !

Greetz ,  Theo Van Eldik


Content: (1) Dhafer Youssef


(1) Dhafer Youssef

Dhafer Youssef (1967), born in Tunisia, is a singer, oud player and composer. At an early age he developed an interest in jazz. Since 1990’s he has lived in Europe. Youssef worked with Paolo Fresu, Jonn Hassell, Markus Stockhausen, Wolfgang Muthspiel, and his Norwegian friends, amongst others, Eivind Aarset, NPM, Bugge Wesseltoft. He released several solo albums: Malak (1999), Electric Sufi (2001), Digital Prophecy (2003) and Divine Shadows (2006). Recently he released an album, Abu Nawas Rhapsody (2010) with his acoustic Quartet.

From the album Electric Sufi, Markus Stockhausen on trompet.


And from the album Abu Nawas Rhapsody.




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